Iseo town life


No matter if cold and cloudy outside, I feel always so warm walking Iseo streets and arcades.


A boat arriving to Iseo town dock.



Dock in Iseo town, many people having fun in Via Dante Alighieri.


Guys learning kayak in Iseo


Everyone is using bike in Iseo. Piazza Statuto. Dolce vita!


So many streets in one point. Viale Repubblica, Via Campo, Via Dante Alighieri, Iseo and many people having fun.


A park near Lido. Can you find a bird? 🙂


A view to Pisogne from a park near Lido.


Fun sunny colored street in Iseo, Vicolo Luna!


Mountains surrounding Iseo from Via Roma Traversa VIII


A view on Iseo town during sunset. Sunsets in Iseo are so romantic.




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