A spring day on Monte Isola

_DSC0392 (100)

Peschiera Maraglio with a boat


Carzano street




Monte Isola is full of animals


Italian Alps in the distance

_DSC0417 (124)

There was a rain just in one place in Iseo. What a miracle to see it!


Centrale Cementerie Italiane from Monte Isola


Bells from the top of Monte Isola. When I heard these sweet and strong bells I had a view of whole Iseo and around. What a freedom!


Iseo town in the distance from Sensole road

_DSC0530 (230)

View to Pilzone from Senzano in Monte Isola


Baby ducks coming so near to me

_DSC0528 (228)

The end of our day with Pirlo – the best drink I have ever had


Tradition on Mote Isola- cought air-dried fish between December and March. After salting the fish for 48 hours, they are left to dry for around a month somewhere shady and airy. After drying, they are arranged in containers, pressed to drain the fat and covered with olive oil. They spend at least four months in the containers. When they are ready, they are lightly cooked on a griddle and served with polenta.


Sunsetting, see San Paolo island getting into the dark night.


Can you find a bird?:-)


In love with sunsets on Lago di Iseo where the sun together with mountains makes amazing light lines and shapes

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