Lago di Carezza, the brightest and cleanest lake I have ever seen. Latemar rises behind the trees.


Lago di Carezza.


One and different corner of Lago di Carezza.


Walking up to Latemar through deep alpine forest.


Alpine trees.


Latemar behind the curve?


Feeling always so near to Latemar, but it’s only huge and distant.


Finally Latemar.


I heard echoes of rocks falling down in the silence.



Lovely elegant alpine wildflowers.


Going home to Tesero town. In love with these alpine landscapes.


A reflection of a Tesero house in the water. We are home.


Tesero street.


Tesero is fun and various town.


Tesero balcony. Such beautiful morning views.


Tesero landscapes.


I never have enough of Bresaola!


Tesero colors.


Alpine Bee.


Tesero is warm town.


Typical house porch of Tesero.


We call this flowers “storm”.

One thought on “Latemar

  1. Nice images. Will be visiting the area in June. M’interesserebbe sapere la distaza tra Lago di Carezza e la base del Latemar sul sentiero in una delle foto. Tesero e molto carino. Grazie.


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